Simple DIY Vase Tutorial: Upcycling Plastic Bottles

This is a super easy project to make your own DIY vase from a plastic bottle. You’ll also find a great hack for removing label residue from plastic bottles without using harsh chemicals or rubbing alcohol.

Materials Needed

– Empty plastic bottle – Almond oil – Dish scrubber – Sharp knife – Scissors – Iron

Step 1: Peel Off the Labels

First off, obviously, you want to remove whatever labels are on the plastic bottle you have chosen.

Step 2: Remove Sticky Label Residue from your Plastic Bottle

I don’t have any baby oil in the house on a regular basis, but I do have Almond Oil, so I gave it a try and it works great!  

Step 3: Cut the Top off your Bottle

I started by piercing the bottle a little bit above where I wanted the top of my vase.  The hole I made was just large enough to get my scissors into.  

I used a steak knife, but you should use a craft knife as they are safer!  Either way, keep a good grip on your bottle while you make your first hole so you don’t slip and hurt yourself.  

Once you have cut your bottle you will be left with some rough edges at the top.  To ‘remove’ these you can use an iron.  

Step 4: Remove Rough Edges