Simple Handmade Magazine Holders from Cereal Boxes!

An easy DIY project for making magazine holder files out of recycled cereal boxes.

Materials Used:  DIY Magazine Holders

– Empty Cereal Box – Craft Knife – Pen – Ruler – Contact Paper and/or Wallpaper – Clear Wide Packing Tape

Step 1: Measure Out your Magazine Holder Shape

First, take your ruler, and on one of the skinny sides of your cereal box, measure up 4.5 inches, then draw a straight line across.

Step 2: Cut your Cereal Box

Now use a sharp pair of paper scissors or a craft knife to cut away everything above the lines you drew in Step 1.

Step 3: Decorate your Magazine Holder

For the ones I made out of cereal boxes, I decided that only the spines would be visible on my shelf, so that is where I focused on decoration.

I took some sticky-back white label paper (the kind that is all one sheet, like for a big shipping label) and covered the whole of the outside of the cereal box with it.

Cover the Magazine Holder First

Once I had it covered in white, I decorated the spines of the magazine holders with leftover wallpaper from another project.

Decorate the Spines