Simple Scrappy Improv Quilt Blocks

You can make yours any size you like. Ideally, you need a clear acrylic template to help you frame and square them, but other than that, you can go for whatever size suits you.

Pick a Size for Your Scrappy Blocks

Why 3 & 1/2?? Well, I got a set of acrylic templates when I started making these squares, and out of the different sizes that were in the pack, it just seemed like a manageable size!

What can you use Scrappy Blocks for?

My intention is to sew them together into a big scrappy quilt when I get enough, but there are lots of other ways you could use them too.

Decide if you are going to go totally Scrappy or ‘Frame’ them.

I am trying to use either white or black on the edge of each square and colored scraps in the middle.

Totally Scrappy or Colour Themed?

Some of the squares/blocks I’ve done in this way have had totally scrappy centres. But my favourite way to do this is to use colour themes.

I start with two pieces, not necessarily exactly the same size, but relatively small—crumbs, essentially.

Improv Sewing Method

Then I pick another piece and maybe lay it at an angle. I’ve shown here where I would sew and what I would trim off.