35 Fun Things to Do with Old Books – Donate, Upcycle, Decorate!

The ultimate guide to what to do with your old books. From the ones that are in good condition to those that have seen better days. Donate – Upcycle – Decorate!

I love, love, love this idea. What a fab way to salvage the most memorable part of the book if the pages themselves have been damaged.

This is a lovely idea for making your home look less cluttered with electronics. Hollow out an old book and use it to hide your phone as it charges!

This is a beautiful way to decorate books with loud or garishly coloured covers. You can keep them on display and still have the colour scheme of your dreams!

I love this cute project to use a hardcover book for a clock. You'll find more upcycled clock ideas in our Father's Day Gifts post too!

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