Unique Knobs & Drawer Pulls for Upcycle Projects

We hope these decorative knobs, drawer pulls and handles will help add that finishing touch to your upcycle projects and home decor.

We love the gorgeous glossy sheen on these  pastel-colored knobs. These classic floral-design ceramic knobs come in a variety of subtle colors. Perfect for the farmhouse-chic look.

Flower Knobs

Fossil Knob

These are the definition of classic with a twist; they have a number of colors, including this green and a lovely duck egg blue/teal color that never seems to go out of style.

These ceramic alphabet drawer knobs are from Art Craft Home and you can get them in a huge range of colors and any letter(s) you want.

Alphabet Knobs

Leather Drawer Pulls

The unique designs of leather drawer pulls are nice to touch and add a bit of the gentleman’s club look to your piece of furniture.

Leather Rollover Handles

This one is a classic handle shape with the tactile texture of leather. Gorgeous!

Chunky Echo Pattern Drawer Handle

These round handles have a classic shape, but the echo pattern gives them that modern interest.

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