Upcycled Succulent Planter Ideas

This is our list of quirky upcycled succulent planter ideas. We’ve gathered some creative ideas for unique succulent planters that won’t cost lots of money as you’ll be using your unwanted junk to make them.

Drainage Trays

For small succulent pots that have holes in the bottom many people like to use a drainage tray. This can be a bamboo tray, a plastic tray or a larger shallow ceramic tray.

Ceramic Planters

With some fast draining potting soil and a a few pebbles to provide some drainage you can plant a succulent in any old mug, teacup or jug that might otherwise find its way to the thrift shop.

Picture Frame Planters

These picture frame planters are a great idea to use as a wall planter in small spaces like a balcony, small patio or small urban garden where you don’t have ground level planting space.

DIY Geometric Design Planter

We love this DIY idea of using straws and wire to create an Upcycled version of the popular Himmeli hanging planters.

Kid’s Toy Planters

If you are very sentimentally attached to your old toys, I suggest keeping this idea for some indoor planting.

Spray paint them in different colors to match your home decor or garden decorating theme. You could also try decoupaging your cans with newspaper, old magazines, or napkins.

Tin Can Planters

Boots & Roller Skate Planters!

Old boots, shoes, and similar ones often already have drainage, and if they don't, they are a much easier material to poke a hole in than something hard or ceramic.