Use Lazy Zipper Hacks to Turn an Orphan Block Into a Cushion Cover

This tutorial is all about how to easily make a cushion cover from an orphan block.

Materials Used:  Orphan Block Into a Cushion Cove

– Fabric panel – Cushion pad – Zipper – Fabric

Step 1:

Choose your orphan block or fabric panel. Any size you want for your cushion is fine.

Step 2:

Choose a backing fabric and square up (cut) both the back and the front to the same size. I used denim remnants that I had to piece together to make them big enough for the back of my cushion.

Step 3:

Pick your zipper and decide if you will add zipper tabs.

If you are adding zipper tabs, cut a 2" strip of coordinating fabric to the length needed to extend the zipper to the same length as your cushion.

Step 4:

Trim off any excess from the zipper tabs if needed.

Step 5: