Cut Up Old Jeans for Sewing & Upcycling Projects

This tutorial is all about how to cut up a pair of jeans to get lots of lovely useable denim fabric as well as saving some other parts of the jeans for different types of upcycling projects.


– Pinking shears – Old jeans

Step 1: 

First, consider what you want to make with your old jeans so you don’t separate parts of the jeans that you later want to use together.

Step 2:

Undo the button and zip and begin to cut just underneath the waistband in one direction. A good pair of fabric pinking shears should have no problem cutting through thick seams and even the zipper.

Follow the line of the waistband cutting around things like belt loops.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Hold the front pocket lining up against the back of the waistband to keep it out of the way, then cut along just under the opening of the front pocket.

Step 5: 

When you reach the first outer leg seam cut down as close to it as possible until you almost reach the bottom cuff of your jeans.

Cut off the whole bottom cuff (bottom seam) at once so you are left with a thin loop of denim, set aside for other projects.

Step 6:

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