Visible Mending: Reverse Applique Patches for Kid’s Jeans

How to repair a favourite pair of kid’s jeans with visible mending using reverse applique patches, running stitch and bright bias binding!


– Torn piece of clothing – Fabric Scraps – Embroidery floss – Scraps of heat n’ bond – Long fabric scraps in coordinating colours – Bias Binding Maker

Step 1: Cutting Out the Patch for Reverse Applique

The first thing I did on this project was to cut off the straggly bits of denim from where the ‘fashionable’ tears had gotten bigger and bigger.

Fussy Cut Patches

First of all I made sure the fabric with the hole I wanted to patch was laying flat and smooth.

Then I placed the scrap of fabric over top, right side down and tried to work out where the pattern would show through depending on where I cut my patch.

Step 2: Heat N’ Bond to Attach Patches

Once the patches were cut to size I had a rummage in the little plastic bag of heat n’ bond scraps I keep from leftovers of larger projects.

To secure it in place, put the webbed side of the heat n’ bond on top of the right side of your patch around the edges and iron it in place as per the package instructions.

Next turn your trousers inside out. Peel the paper off of the heat n’bond and put the patch down over the hole right side of the patch to wrong side of the trousers.

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