10 Projects Made From Rubbish That You Will Actually Want To Keep

This is our attempt to collect together ideas for projects made from rubbish that you would actually want to keep and display in your home or on your person.

Plastic Bottle Stool

You can then use cotton batting on top and around and sew a cover with leftover scrap fabric or an old sweater to make a truly upcycled footstool.

Footstool from a Plastic Tub

I used a large empty plastic tub, lots of fabric trimmings, and a William Morris Fabric Remnant to make a functional footstool to match with my living room decor.

Bracelet from a Plastic Bottle

There are a few variations for making bracelets from plastic bottles, one that we almost included was about wrapping the bits of plastic with yarn.

Vase made from a Plastic Bottle

This is a quick 15 minute upcycled craft idea to turn a plastic bottle you would have recycled into a pretty vase that hold’s it’s own next to it’s glass counterparts.

Magazine Table

This table made from magazine’s is similar idea to the plastic bottle footstool, but you do need a bit more supporting bits for this one.

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