10 Summer Upcycle Projects to do in the Sunshine

Summer is finally here! And summer is definitely a prime season for upcycle projects – what with all that fabulous sunshine to dry paint and glue in!

Flip Flops to Sandals

If you fancy something fancier than your old boring flip flops, try this upcycle idea to turn your flip flops into beachy sandals.

Simple Scarf Top

Depending on the size of your scarves you can end up with a cute short sleeved top, an off the shoulder slinky number or a long drapey poncho.

Sunglasses Chandelier

What to do with last year’s broken or out of style sunglasses? Ok, if you actually have enough old sunglasses for this project you have a shopping problem!

Sunglass Lens Brooch

These are brooches made from the lenses of regular glasses rather than sunglasses, but we liked the idea so much we wanted to see if there was a version that would work for both.

Beach Ball

This project is most useful if your beach ball is relatively large probably but a cute reuse project we thought!

Garden Hose

It basically involves manipulating the hose around in a circle or oval shape and securing each strand of hose to the next with cable ties.

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