10 Upcycled Items That You Can Turn Into DIY Personalized Gifts!

We’ve come up with a great collection of Personalised DIY Gift Ideas you can use to make your own personalised gifts by upcycling your old stuff.

Engraved Vintage Cutlery Jewelry

Making engraved upcycled cutlery jewelry isn’t the simplest DIY personalized gift, but when done well it can be a truly gorgeous gift that doesn’t feel in any way ‘crafty’.

DIY Coasters

DIY Coasters

You can personalize them to include a motif that you know the recipient will love.  We’ve found a couple tutorials you can try.

You can personalize them for the birthstone of each of a mother’s different children, or pick colors that have a special meaning to you and the recipient.

Favorite Colours DIY Pendant

You are Here – Map Keyring

If there ever was a ‘classic’ DIY personalized gift it has to be a map keychain.

Scrap Fabric Keychains & Wristlets

Use up those pretty bits of scrap fabric you have saved in your craft cupboard and upcycle them into some cute personalized keychains or key fob wristlets.