DIY Seashell Mirror

This fun DIY Seashell Mirror project uses easy to find items that can be easily upcycled to bring some coastal bech decor to your home.


– Round plastic or wooden mirror  – Round plastic or a wooden mirror  – Seashells – Off white paint – Foam paintbrush – Hot glue gun – Hot glue sticks – Scissors

Paint Mirror

Use a soft brush to paint your mirror sparingly with light-colored paint. This is to give it a slightly distressed nautical look.

Apply Hot Glue

Apply hot glue to a 6-inch outer edge section of the mirror, and gently set one end of the rope over it, pushing it against the outer edge.

Press Rope in place in Sections

Continue applying glue to 6-inch sections at a time, wrapping the rope around the mirror, until you have completely wrapped the rope twice around the mirror.

Cut Rope

Use the scissors to cut the rope where it meets with the other end where you started wrapping.

Pick the Orientation for your Mirror

Before you go any further you need to flip the mirror over to have a look at the back of the mirror. You’ll want to check where the mirror hanger is and if there is more than one pick which way will be ‘up’ for your mirror.

Add Seashells

I used a found collection of 6 shells in different sizes and used the hot glue gun to attach it to the upper left-hand side of the mirror in a grouping.