DIY Toy Box Seat Cushion

If you want the do it yourself version for how to add a seat cushion to a toy box, read on for how I made mine!


– Blanket box, toy chest, or storage bench – Fabric – Batting (Optional) – Adhesive spray (Optional) – Sticky back felt

Step 1: Detach the Toy BoX lid

The first thing I did was to unscrew the lid from its hinges. I did this because I put my seat cushion directly on the box lid.

Step 2: Cut Foam to size

I would recommend cutting one piece if you can but I also recommend using what you have so here is my side note on how to do what I did:

Step 3: Attach Foam to the toy Box Lid

I sprayed a thin layer of Stikatak Superspray directly on the top of the box lid. I then placed the foam on top and pressed down. It sticks firm almost instantly.

Step 4: Optional Batting

I used warm & natural quilt batting – because I am also learning to quilt so I had it in the house anyway waiting for my next project.

Step 5: Upholstering the seat cushion

I start with one staple in the centre of each long side – puling as taught as possible and folding under the raw edge before stapling it down.