DIY Upcycled Chair Planter: Two Ways

Two methods for upcycling your broken chairs into DIY Chair Planters! Add some character and fun to your garden this summer by repurposing your old junk!

Materials Needed – DIY Chair Planter Method 1:

– Broken chair – Soil & Plant – Shovel and/or Trowel

Step 1:  Remove the seat base

All I did was take a hammer to the rest to completely remove it.

Step 2:  Dig the legs into the ground

In order to keep my chair steady, and to balance it up with it’s one broken leg, I dug all four legs into the ground.

Step 3:  Fill the seat area with soil & plant

Lastly you just need to fill the seat area up with soil and plant your plant.

Materials Needed – DIY Chair Planter Method 2:

– Paint  – Two Fussy Blokes Mini Roller Semi-Smooth – Base Fabric to fit your chair – Staple Gun – Soil & Plants – Rocks

Step 1:  Unscrew the seat base

First I unscrewed the base and set it aside.

Step 2:  Paint the chair frame (optional)

I used the primer and my Two Fussy Blokes roller to paint the chair a cheery lilac colour. I did 3 coats.

Step 3:  Cut planter base fabric to size

I cut two pieces that were a bit bigger than my chair base to start off with, just to make it easier to staple it in place.

Step 4: Staple your base in place

I used an electric staple gun to staple all the way around the frame of my chair, including at the back along the bottom rung of the back of the chair.

Step 5:  Plant your chair planter

Lastly I planted up my little succulent garden in my chair planter.

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