DIY Valentine’s Day Gift from Upcycled Trash: A Token Gift

Make a DIY Valentine’s Day gift from items from your trash bin! A no cost sentimental token gift that will melt her heart! Uses an empty vanilla extract bottle, old christmas wrapping and cardboard packaging.

Materials Needed

– Empty Vanilla Extract Bottle – Old red & white wrapping paper – Thin cardboard packaging – Scraps of ribbon or twine – Scissors – Gift Tag Punch (optional)

Step 1: Prepare your Vanilla Extract Bottle

The first thing I did was remove the label and the little gold ring below the bottle cap – I just snapped it off with my scissors.

Step 2: Cut out Tiny Heart Shapes

To speed up the process I folded my paper over several times so that I was cutting out multiple layers of hearts at once.

Step 3: Put your Hearts in the Bottle

Just stuff your tiny hearts into the bottle and when you are happy with how full it is (I did about 3/4 of the way up the fattest part of the bottle), shut the lid!

Step 4: Add a Gift Tag

The last thing I did was create a gift tag/message tag using some thin cardboard packaging. Mine was a lavender colour but you could use white or red packaging if you have it or even brown cardboard if you like the crafty brown paper look.