Fun Upcycled Succulent Planter Ideas

We’ve gathered some creative ideas for unique succulent planters that won’t cost lots of money as you’ll be using your unwanted junk to make them.

Drainage Trays

Drainage trays can be used on their own with pebbles and stones to make a small table top succulent garden or they can be used as the base for a collection of different sizes of small planters or little succulent pots.

Picture Frame Planters

These picture frame planters are a great idea to use as a wall planter in small spaces like a balcony, small patio or small urban garden where you don’t have ground level planting space.

Kid’s Toy Planters

Are you a sentimental so and so who can’t even part with them to pass them on to another child? Well why not Upcycle them and keep them in your garden so you and your children can point at them and remark – do you remember when we got you that one?

Tin Can Planters

These examples involve different ways you can dress up your tin can succulent planters using other old bits and bobs you might have lying around form left over paint to bits of fabric, lace or ribbon.

Boots &….Roller Skate Planters!

We’ve all seen old boots as planters, a Roller Skate, an Ice Skate or a pair of ballet shoes would make an original take on this classic succulent planter.

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