How to Make an Old Jean Bedside Pocket Organizer

This is a super quick and easy project and I think looks pretty cute when it’s finished!

Bedside Pocket Organizer – Materials Needed:

– Pockets from old jeans – Fabric strip – Ribbon – Fabric Scraps – Iron

Step 1: Cut Out your Pockets

For these two bedside pocket organizers I used two pockets each and I ended up using two matching pockets for each organizer too.

Step 2: Sew Pockets Together

Line them up right sides together, trim edges so that the surrounding denim is the same length and sew. Press open your seam.

Next, find a strip of fabric that is the same width across as your finished pocket panel and about 5-6 high.

Step 3: Add Top Fabric

Step 4: Interfacing

If you want your bedside pocket organizer to be functional you need to give it some stability. This is what the interfacing is for.

I cut out one piece for each organizer I was making. I cut it approximately 1 smaller all the way around than my full bedside pocket organizer front panel (that’s what you sewed together in Step 3).