How to Upcycle a Cot Bed into a Garden Bench

This tutorial is all about how you can turn an old cot bed into a garden bench – and a super summery one at that!


– Cot bed with removable sides – Paint  – Waterproof fabric for your mattress & cushions – Old cushion or pillow filling. – Bag webbing for ties (optional) – Sewing Machine – Zippers

Step 1: Remove one side of the cot

The cot bed I used for my garden bench is designed to be converted to a junior bed, so it doesn’t rely on the two slated sides to hold it up or steady it.

Step 2: Paint (Optional)

This next step is completely optional if you like the colour and finish of your cot as it is.

Step 3: Sew your Mattress Cover

To turn my cot bed into a garden bench I reused the existing cot bed mattress as the seat pad for my bench.

Step 4: Sew your Cushion Covers

I wanted a super comfy bench so I decided on 4 cushions. Two for the back and one for either end.

Step 5: Fill your Cushions

I used old cushion filling from some couch cushions I wasn’t using to fill the square end cushions and regular bed pillows for the longer back pillows.

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