How to Upcycle a Dressing Table: An Art Deco Style Makeover

Learn how to upcycle a brown wood dressing table into a teal and gold art deco statement piece for your home. Get pro tips from a professional furniture flipper in this guest blog by Imogen Aitchison of Coco & Clementine!

Materials Needed

– Vintage dressing table – Mouse sander – Sanding sheets 80 grit through to 400 grit – Varnish stripper – Lead testing kit – Mask & goggles – Gloves – Basic tools eg screwdriver, spanner – Wood filler – Wire wool – Ketchup and vinegar – Paint  – Brushes – Wallpaper paste – Small plastic roller – Wallpaper  – Ruler/ Measuring tape

Step 1: Preparation (Stripping & Sanding)

I used a varnish stripper for the really stubborn stuff and then I sanded it down using an electric mouse sander – starting with a coarse 80 grit and working through to a finer 180 grit.

Step 2: Repairs

The next step was to address the minor repairs needed. I used a wood filler to fill in any scratches and dents. Once it was dry, I sanded off the excess using a medium grade sandpaper.

Step 3: Reviving the Hardware (this is where the Ketchup comes in!)

Next, I unscrewed all the hardware and dumped it into a potent marinade of tomato ketchup and vinegar.

Step 4: Painting

And now for the fun part – painting! Paint is a personal choice.  Like many furniture painters however, I LOVE Fusion Mineral Paint.

Step 5: Decoupage

Once painting was complete and the paint had dried, I decoupaged the drawer fronts. Again, adhesive and paper are down to personal preference. I usually use wallpaper when decoupaging furniture.