How to Upcycle a Plastic Bottle – Easy DIY Vase Tutorial

Easy DIY Vase Tutorial using a plastic bottle. Step by step instructions, including a chemical free hack for removing label residue from plastic bottles.


– Empty Plastic Bottle – Almond Oil – Dish Scrubber – Sharp Knife – Scissors – Iron

Step 1: Peel Off the Labels

First off, obviously, you want to remove whatever labels are on the plastic bottle you have chosen.

Step 2: Remove Sticky Label Residue from your Plastic Bottle

I don’t have any baby oil in the house on a regular basis, but I do have Almond Oil, so I gave it a try and it works great!

Step 3: Cut the Top off your Bottle

I started by piercing the bottle a little bit above where I wanted the top of my vase. The hole I made was just large enough to get my scissors into.

Step 4: Remove Rough Edges

Once you have cut your bottle you will be left with some rough edges at the top. To ‘remove’ these you can use an iron.

Step 5: Fill your Vase!

That’s it, all that is left is to fill your vase with water and flowers.

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