How to Upcycle Empty Paint Cans: DIY Planter

Save your empty paint cans from disposal and upcycle them into decorative planters using leaves or petals.


– Empty Paint Can – Scouring Pad – Spray Paint or Chalk Paint – Mod Podge – Clear Varnish


– Paint Brush – Drop Cloth – Handheld Drill

Step 1: Clean out your Empty Paint Can

Even if you used up the whole can for your painting project there will still be paint dried up along the sides and bottom of your paint can, it’s just inevitable.

Step 2: Create Drainage in your Planter

Any planter needs some drainage. To accomplish this in my paint can I drilled 4 small holes around the bottom.

Step 3: Paint your Paint Can!

Using spray paint is definitely the easiest option for this but you could use chalk paint or another type of paint you have to hand that needs used up as well.

Step 4: Decorate your Paint Can

You can pick whatever you like as decoration for your paint can planter and use modge podge to affix it to your paint can.

Step 5: Varnish your Paint Can

The last step is to apply a finishing varnish or gloss to seal and cover your work.

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