How to Upcycle Prosecco Corks into Drawer Pulls

I was looking for some stand-out drawer pulls to add to a plain bedside table. I decided to try making some myself from old Prosecco Corks.

Materials Needed – Prosecco Corks Drawer Pulls

– Corks – Old Nail Polish – Mod Podge – Screws – Gold Leaf – Hair Dryer – Paint brush

Step 1: Prepare the nail polish

You can use whatever color or sheen of nail polish you like for this.  I was looking for something metallic but sort of marbled.

Step 2: ‘Stamp’ the top of the cork

To do this, you basically use a stamping action, imagine dipping an old-fashioned letter seal in wax. Don’t swirl it around, just press it down firmly and take it back out again.  

The next step might sound a bit strange, but basically you need to hold on to the bottom of your cork and blow dry the top of your cork.  

Step 3: Blow dry

The nail polish looks nice when you first stamp it in and take it out, but there will be a lot of it and even if you left it to dry for hours it would still be in danger of smudging when it is that thick.  

Step 4: Paint the sides

To cover the sides of the corks I first tried to roll the cork in the nail polish with my fingers but it quickly got messy so I opted to insert the screws.

I would be using it later on to attach my handles and use that as a ‘handle’ to help maneuver the cork in the polish.