The Scrappy Way: How to Make Fabric Wrapped Hangers!

It’s an easy, no-sew tutorial for making fabric-wrapped hangers from those thin trimmings of fabric leftover when you square up a piece of fabric.

Materials Needed:

– Hangers – Thin fabric trimmings – Glue Stick

Step 1: Sort your scrap Fabric trimmings

This project is about finding a use for those fabric strips that are too thin to hold a seam. Once you’ve sorted your scraps by size you can also sort them by color if you like.

Step 2: Start Wrapping

You have two options: - Glue stick - Needle & thread

It’ll probably be a bit slower but you might get a neater finish and you won’t end up with glue and threads all over your fingers like I did!

Needle & Thread Option

Scrappy Fabric Wrapped Hangers

I really like how these turned out so I think I’ll keep sorting my scraps like this and do some more once the pile builds up again!