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FIND OUT THE 3 THINGS TO SPEND YOUR TIME ON That Will Really Make A Difference To Your Business.

upcycling business quick start guide
  • Starting a new business can feel overwhelming.
  • But there is a way to grow your business without getting burned out with everything there is to do.
  • I want to show you the 3 things you really do need to focus on to start bringing in sales…… HINT – It isn’t posting more on social!

Hi! I’m Kristen

kristen hubert

I’ve run both an upcycling business and a successful e-commerce business. 

I have made it my mission to bring some of the secrets I’ve learned from the e-commerce world and apply them to upcycling businesses like yours.  

This guide draws on my experience & drills down to what you really need to spend your time on to make your business into your livelihood. 

Stop Wondering & Worrying!

Do you run a business selling products you make yourself? (Or maybe this is the dream?)

Do you spend time worrying that you aren’t posting enough on social media?

Or just feeling like you are running around in circles not sure what the most important thing is to do to move your business dreams forward?

STOP! I’ve drilled down to the top 3 areas you need to focus on to start or grow your small business. You can take them at your own pace and be sure you are focusing on tasks that will actually move you forward!

YES! I want to know which 3 things to focus on first!


“Stop Spending Time on the Wrong Things!”


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