55 Amazing DIY Storage & Organizing Ideas Using Upcycled Junk

Bumper list of easy DIY storage and organizing ideas using everything from cereal boxes to thrift store finds and redecorated cardboard boxes!

I used cereal boxes to make these cute magazine holders as part of my huge sewing room makeover.

PHOTO: upcyclemystuff.com

You can also cut down your cereal boxes and make a short desk tidy with them!

This is a similar idea to the cereal box magazine holders above. This is more of a divided desk organizer but still using cereal boxes that you would otherwise recycle.

I love this no cost drawer divider idea from Apple Green Cottage. You can use any kind of cardboard packaging plus leftover wrapping paper and create the sectioned off drawers of your dreams!

Similar to the idea above, this is another take on making drawer dividers using cardboard and wrapping paper.

These gorgeous drop cloth covered cardboard boxes from Houseful of Handmade give a very satisfyingly clean look to any cupboard.

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