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29 Fab Ways to Upcycle Tin Cans!

Do you have a bunch of old tin cans just sitting around the house? While you might be tempted just to toss them in the recycle bin, why not upcycle them instead?

These upcycled tin can ideas are all super simple and fun to do.  You’ll find loads of creative ways to use up old cans!

Not only can the kids join in with a fun craft, but these are great for getting your creative juices flowing as well. From pencil holders to candle holders, this list is full of great ways to use empty tin cans.

Don’t forget that before starting any type of craft from the list below, you need to be sure that you’re cleaning the tin cans all the way. The last thing you want is to have the craft started or almost done and realize that it’s full of old food or dirt. 

Also be sure to check for any sharp edges on your tin cans – use a metal file to get rid of them if you find any!

Once you’re sure that they’re clean and have a smooth edge, pick a few tin can crafts from this list and a little paint and get started.

Of course, once you start, you’re going to be excited and ready to create more.

Instead of heading to the craft store, try using items around your house for whichever why DIY craft idea you pick from this list.

You’ll be amazed what you can do with simple tin cans – from fun ideas for your home to a simple way to make great gifts.

upcycling projects for tin cans

What can you make from old tins cans?

This list is full of fun projects and ideas but don’t forget that there are always more! Some simple craft ideas are:

  • cheap and effective planters for your outdoor space
  • a caddy to hold your art supplies in your craft room
  • gorgeous tin vases to hold beautiful flowers
  • there are infinite possibilities!

Also check out my DIY Wedding Centrepieces made from Upcycled Corks which can be a great way to use up tin cans! It’s perfect for cheap wedding decor.

29 Ways to Upcycle Tin Cans!

This list of upcycled items is great for being creative at home. Using what you can instead of adding to a landfill is always a good idea.

There are so many great ways to use tin cans!

Don’t forget to check out my tips for 47 Upcycled Planter Ideas that are Easy to Make when you’re looking for simple ways to use your tins cans – the list is packed full of upcycling ideas including some fab ideas for tin cans.

I hope you have found some inspiration for how to turn an everyday item into something useful and pretty.

It’s so fun to add a little bit of paint and a little personality to create something really unique and fun.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.