DIY Footstool from an Upcycled Plastic Tub!

Make a William Morris Footstool using fabric remnants and an upcycled plastic tub!


– Empty Plastic Tub with lid  – William Morris Fabric Remnant – Leftover fabric piping – Leftover quilt batting – Fabric scraps and trimmings from my thread catcher bin. – Craft Glue

Above is the tub I started with. It was a 5kg container of Epsom Salts.

I removed the handle first of all just by popping it out of the slots it was attached by. I might use the handle for another project in due course!

I give my large plastic tub a bit more of a padded look by attaching some leftover strips of quilt batting to the outside of it.

To attach them I used some regular craft glue on the outside of the tub, around the sides and on the lid, and pressed the batting down firmly.

I attached the batting on the lid and the batting on the sides in separate steps rather than all at once as I hadn’t filled my tub up yet.

I used 3 or 4 layers of this leftover batting.