How to Upcycle Takeaway Containers into Decorative Trinket Bowls

Use decoupage to turn plastic takeaway containers into pretty trinket bowls!


– Bowl shaped takeaway containers – Mod Podge – Spray Adhesive (optional) – Decorative paper – Faux Gold Leaf (optional)

Step 1: Mod Podge Inside of the Container

Spread your mod podge around the inside of your container first. As you can probably tell from the photo I used my fingers for this.

Step 2: Start Layering your Paper

To start decorating your bowl, tear off strips of your chosen paper and place them on the inside.

Step 3: Decorating the Outside of your Bowl

Repeat the process with your Mod Podge and scrap paper on the outside of your bowl.

Step 4: More Mod Podge!

When you have covered your bowl with as many scraps as you’d like paint on another thin layer of mod podge.

Step 5: Gold Leaf

The last step for the first version of my trinket bowl upcycles is to add some faux gold leaf.

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