Gift box from an old shoebox

How to Upcycle a Shoe Box as a Gift Box – Easy Upcycle Project

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This guide was written by Harini of Hazzy’s Creations.

I’m going to be sharing with you just one of my favourite ways of presenting a gift by showing you how to upcycle a shoe box as a gift box.

Most upcyclers and crafters hang on to scraps of materials thinking it might just be what you need for that future project. Whilst I’m always on the look out for quirky wrapping paper or ribbons or accessories (I’m a magnet for any wrapping sections in shops!) I also collect boxes!

I keep hold of shoeboxes, chocolate boxes, old jewellery boxes, boxes gifted to me, jars, tins, kitchen roll tubes, cardboard boxes…the list goes on. If I think a gift can be presented in a particular container, then it goes into my collapsible crates. Yeah…I’m a hoarder! 

These boxes or containers then get refreshed and upcycled into brand new gift boxes!

Materials Needed

Step 1

Firstly unroll the wrapping paper – I’ve gone for a colourful, geometric patterned paper – then place the box on the plain side of the gift wrap.

Step 2

Then, leaving enough space to bring the paper up and over the four edges of the shoebox, cut out an appropriate portion of the gift wrapping paper.

Step 3

Next, secure the shoebox in the middle of the wrapping paper piece – onto the plain side of the paper. Use double sided tape on the underside of the shoebox.

Step 4

Lay the box on its long side and make 2 cuts where the long edge begins and ends – this will help when you are dealing with the shorter sides later.

Step 5

Before folding and securing the wrapping paper over the long edge, fold the edge of the paper in by about 1cm just to give a neat finish. Secure this by sticking some double-sided tape.

Step 6

Now, fold the long edge over and secure with the aid of the double-sided tape

Step 7

Repeat steps 4 to 6 with the other long side of the box.

Step 8

Begin to fold the paper over the shorter end of the box. You might have to play around with how you fold these edges over so that they look identical on both ends.

Top tip: Play with the folds untillyou are happy with how it looks, BEFORE securing with tape.

Step 9

This was first designed to present a small hamper. So if you’d like to make a hamper too, add shredded brown paper to line the box.

Step 10

If you are looking to give a small hamper, then you can stop at the previous step. I went ahead and placed the gift inside the box and covered the box in the same geometric gift wrapping paper. But you could also cover the lid by repeating the steps above and achieve the same look.

Then for the finishing touches…natural twine bow and a brown card gift tag.

That’s it! That’s how to upcycle a shoe box as a gift box. You now have a beautifully covered, bespoke gift box made from a used box! This really is fantastic money saving, environmentally friendly way of presenting gifts.  You can make it even more environmentally friendly by reusing paper for the wrap – either old wrapping paper you’ve saved or newspaper if you like that look.

I’m Harini from Hazzy’sCreations – on my blog I share unique gift wrapping inspirations, handmade gift wraps and upcycled gift wrapping projects to suit all occassions. My goal is to share my passion for creating aesthetically pleasing looks for gifts and to explore new ideas. 

I’ll be sharing more upcycling projects like this over on and through my Instagram account!

Thanks for reading! x

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What would you like to Upcycle Today?

Thinking of Starting Your Own Upcycling Business?

Download our free Top Tips for Brand New Upcycling Businesses