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Pink Me Ups – Upcycle Ideas to Add a Pop of Pink to your Life.

One of the best things about upcycling is seeing dramatic transformations. Its one of the reasons we actually think upcycling is beneficial for your mental health. It provides a sense of accomplishment and a tangible proof that new beginnings are possible.

So if you ever find yourself feeling in a bit of a slump and in need of a pick me up we suggest starting an upcycling project, a pink one to be specific – turning something pink can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Here are our top picks for Pink Me Up Upcycle Ideas to try out at home.

Spray Paint

Is it a cheat or is it a super fast way to completely transform something dark or dated to something funky and fun? We obviously think its the later.

What could you spray paint today?

We’ve picked out some of our favourites but don’t let that limit you. Grandma’s old dark brown lamp – yes please, old picture frames that have lost their glass – lovely!, what about a whicker laundry basket?

You get the picture, just pop on your painting clothes, stick on the tunes and get spraying, then bask in the glorious pink glow. Bound to pick you up if you are feeling a bit down.

All you’ll need to spray paint your way to a better mood is a drop cloth, some spray paint and maybe a dust mask (depending how much you want to live on the edge/inhale fumes).

There are a whole host of spray paints on the market that can do the job but we’ve found a few in some super funky shades:

Auto Parts

Okay so this one is technically a bit of an extension to the spray paint suggestion above, but its getting a bit more specific and its all about finding pink somewhere you didn’t expect it, like an oil drum, a hubcap or a bicycle chain (we know that’s not technically an auto part…but its a vehicle part…so we’re including it!).

We admit the oil drum bench seat requires some specialist tools to cut and smooth the metal, but we think the bicycle chain bracelet is a pretty simple one you can easily try yourself, even if you are a complete novice at upcycling.

Here is the link to our How to Guide.

Door Numbers

We love this idea for a totally unique and eye catching address number for your house using a whole lot of stuff you already have.

In this example they’ve used part of a broken garden rake and some old jars. If you already have some pink paint in your garage or utility room it doesn’t take that much paint to colour one of these jars. You can then either paint, tape or stencil on your address number in a contrasting colour.

Maybe you have some other bits and pieces lying around that you could make a bold pink house number sign with? Use this is as your jumping off point and see what else you can create. We’d love to know what you come up with.

Leave us a comment or pop over to our Facebook Page to join the chat.

Painted Furniture

Adding a bit of pink around your home in unexpected places can be a dramatic style statement and definite mood lifter.

Here are some of our favourite examples of unexpected places to use pink on the furniture in your home.

There is something about the idea of finding a pop of pink in the bathroom that really appeals and we just think this dresser turned craft cupboard is superb.

How could you look at that and fail to get in a creative mood? The bureau with pink hidden inside is a great idea for having a lovely bold and modern surprise without having to wed yourself to such a strong colour all the time – when it feels like too much and you want to tone it down, just close it up!.

Photo: Katie Morris, Upcycled Restyled

We love this pink and gold combination – pink is not just uplifting, it’s also super on trend.

Katie Morris from Upcycled Restyled was kind enough to share a How to Guide with us for how she transformed this set of drawers which she calls ‘the Pink Lady’.

You can find her How to Guide here.

Pop Can Tab Bracelet

This is a super simple Pink Me Up Project.

First you raid your recycling box for all the soda pop can tabs, then you raid your craft cupboard for pink ribbon or scrap fabric (or whatever colour you fancy).

If you are planning to use scrap fabric for this you’ll want to cut long thin strips so they can be easily threaded through the tabs.

Then follow the simple threading instructions in image 3, leaving a loop at the end to either fasten with a bow or to attach some jewellery findings for a cleaner look.

There are lots of ways you can do more with this project too. We’ve seen versions where the tabs are painted first, either with spray paint or old nail varnish. And we’ve also seen super fancy versions using macrame knotting instead of ribbon and beads threaded in for extra pizzazz. We like this simple version though.

We reckon you could do a good job of it with half an eye on your favourite Netflix binge watch and have a nifty bracelet to show for your time.

Striped Flower Vases

This is another super simple one that you’ve likely seen before, but we still think its super cute so we didn’t want to leave it out. All you need for this project is some painters tape and some aluminium foil or cling wrap and some paint.

You block off where you want the clear stripes to be with the tape, wrap the top of the jar or bottle with foil, cling wrap or anything else that will stop the paint seeping through.

Then paint what is still visible. You can use spray paint, nail varnish, paint tester pots or the dregs of a pot of paint you have festering away in your garage.

Wait for the paint to dry before you remove the tape!

Small Toy Earrings

Kids left home? Have an old box of their small plastic toys kicking around somewhere you haven’t gotten round to getting rid of? You can make some super cute earrings out of them – old barbie shoes are great for this, but you can use any plastic toy that is pliable and soft enough for you to drive a nail through to make a hole.

If the toys aren’t the colour you’d like to start off you can always paint them first to suit.

You then attach some earring hooks and wait to see how long it takes the kids to recognise their old play things dangling from your ears!

We’d love to see what you came up with.

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