personalised name crayons tutorial

How to make Personalised Name Crayons

If you have kids you have crayons.  And if you have crayons you inevitably have broken bits of crayons in a pot somewhere.  This tutorial will show you how to easily upcycle those discarded broken crayons into personalised name crayons that you’ll feel proud to give as gifts.  

Materials Needed

how to reuse broken crayons
how to make personalised name crayons

Step 1: Remove the paper from your broken crayons

turn broken crayons to personalised name crayons
broken crayon pieces for personalised name crayons diy project
personalised name crayons tutorial

The first step of this project is by far the most annoying bit – taking all the paper off!  Once you are through that, the rest of the steps are all pretty fun.  I used my fingernails to rip the paper off my many broken crayons.  I did end up with lots of wax under my fingernails!

I then separated them into tapas dishes to sort them by colour.  I did one tray for each broad colour family, so all the different reds in one, all the different blues in another, etc.  It is part of the fun of this project to end up with a bit of a tie dyed crayon look at the end.  

Step 2: Fill your letters

custom name crayons

This step is where it starts to get fun.  You get to choose what colour you want for each letter of the name you are doing.  I started by doing the letters in my nephew’s name: NATE.  

I had a lot of broken crayons, so for his name I could have each letter be one colour without needing to mix them.  I did put a couple different shades of each colour in to make them look a bit more interesting though.  

Most of my bits were small enough that I basically just slotted them in to the letters like a jigsaw but here and there you might find you need to break your pieces even further to get them to fit.  

I slightly overfilled my letters as the wax will melt down to fill the gaps between the solid crayons so it won’t end up as high as it looks.

Step 3: Bake

baking old crayons to make name crayons
how to make name crayons

Once my letters were all filled, I placed the alphabet baking mould on top of a regular baking tray with some baking parchment on it (just to save having to clean wax off the tray or the oven if they happen to bubble over).  I baked them at 135C for 15 minutes.  

Before you take them out check that all the crayons have melted down and it looks like liquid in all of your letters.  Then carefully take them out to avoid spilling and leave them to cool for several hours.  

Step 4: Remove the letters from your mould

using silicone mould to make personalised crayons
personalised name crayons

The last step is to remove the letters from the alphabet baking mould once they have completely cooled.  I was a bit nervous the first time I did this about whether I would break them taking them out but they were absolutely fine.  They slipped out of the mould with no problem and I had some lovely chunky personalised name crayons.  

DIY crayon reuse project
alphabet crayons tutorial
personalised name crayons
alphabet crayon letters

I had so many broken bits of crayon left after my first batch that I decided to make some more for my friends’ children.  As I got to the end of some of their names I had more of a mix of colours in the mould so you can see how they come out when you totally disregard the colour family sorting! I like some of them, like the pink and black one, but others were a bit less successful.  You can do your own experimenting!

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how to make personalised name crayons

Next I’ll be making a junk journal style colouring book for kids to give alongside these personalised name crayons.  Watch this space for the tutorial coming soon. 

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