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44 Unique Knobs & Drawer Pulls for Upcycle Projects

One of the easiest ways to give new life to an old piece of furniture like a chest of drawers, a side table or a wardrobe, is with new handles.  

We’ve had a few questions lately on the facebook page and instagram about quirky and unique handles so we thought we’d put together a list of our current favourites.  

We hope these knobs, drawer pulls and handles will help add that finishing touch to your upcycle projects.

Some of them you could even try making DIY versions of if you have the time and the materials.  We’ve provided links to tutorials and ideas about how to make these yourself for the ones where we see this as a possibility.  

If you make a DIY version of any of these or just straight up use any of these on your projects we’d love to see a photo! 

Head here if you are looking specifically for kitchen cabinet replacement handles and knobs.

Classic Ceramic

When people think of drawer pulls and knobs for upcycle projects they tend to think of ceramic knobs.  So we thought we’d start there.  

A lot of the other categories below will also feature some ceramic choices but this is our pick of the classic country style ceramic drawer pulls that tend to be a lot of upcyclers go to’s – maybe you’ll find a new favourite?

glossy ceramic drawer knobs
hollow teal ceramic knobs

We love the gorgeous glossy sheen on our first pick above.  These classic floral design ceramic knobs that come in a variety of subtle colours.  Perfect for the farmhouse chic look. 

The second image is a super cute design by R F by Mariola.  These are the definition of classic with a twist, the colour is a lovely duck egg blue/teal colour that never seems to go out of style and the hollow cut out design give them that something a bit different.

alphabet ceramic drawer knobs

These ceramic alphabet drawer knobs are from Art Craft Home and you can get them in a huge range of colours and any letter(s) you want.

Leather Drawer Pulls

leather drawer pulls

Leather drawer pulls are nice to touch and add a bit of the gentleman’s club look to your piece of furniture.  We found these two – one is a classic handle shape and the other is more of a finger loop pull style.  Either could be made DIY at home with an old belt, a leather punch and an appropriately sized screw and fixings.  

If you like the first style above but you are looking for something to stand out from the background try one of these bright ones below from the Leather Handle Company. 

bright coloured leather handles

Copper Handles

copper drawer handles
copper lattice drawer pull

If you follow the blog at all you will understand how much we love copper (heck who doesn’t these days!).  

We love this copper pipe style drawer handle and think it would look great in a bathroom or kitchen setting.  You could of course also do a DIY version of this if you have the skills and the spare copper pipe!

Our second choice for an unusual copper knob is this lattice style round knob we found on Etsy.  We’d love to see these used on a rich royal blue or deep forest green cabinet to really make them stand out!

Classically Modern Drawer Pulls

silver hexagon bar drawer pulls
gold patterned drawer knob

Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes.  This selection of drawer knobs and pulls are all about the impact of classic clean style with a modern edge.  

The hexagon shape of the simple bar style handles above by Do Up Shop are on trend now, but the simple styling means they are unlikely to go out of fashion even when trends change.

The second image is by Hooks Knob Hardware, it’s a classically shaped brass knob with a repeated circular pattern that gives it enough modernity not to be boring.   

Going for Gold

chunky oval gold drawer pulls
geometric atlas gold drawer pulls
gold embossed drawer knobs

If you are going for gold for the handles on your upcycled piece may we suggest something a bit different?  

The first set is a bulbous chunky oval shape that feels great in the hand without looking too out there.  Think understated luxury.

The geometric atlas style drawer pulls above are definitely not understated.  They are the dare to be different choice in our gold-toned selections.

The last set from Design in Focus is an intricately embossed set of knobs that looks both modern and old fashioned at the same time. 

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

safari animals drawer pulls
safari animals drawer pulls

Great for a kids room or in a jungle/safari themed conservatory maybe?  

If you love bold, eclectic decor you might find lots of places for these.  

The first image is from the Love Me Knot Store and we loved the range of colours you could get these safari animal drawer knobs in.  What colour and animal would you go for?

If you prefer subtlety in your safari animal drawer pulls, the second version by Twisted R Design might appeal to a more grown up animal lover.

If you can source the right images on a napkin or other type of decoupage paper you could probably have a go at making something similar yourself with a plain wooden handle as a base.  A Piece of Rainbow have a simple decoupage drawer knob tutorial you could try once you’ve got a print out of your animals to the size of your knobs.

Did you think we’d forgotten about the bears?  

scandi nursery drawer pulls
silver animal drawer pulls

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you won’t have missed the trend for ‘scandi style’ nursery decor.  

This bear and mountain set from JK Craft World fits the trend to a T and you can even order them in different colours and finishes.

The set of four silver knobs is from Jack Accessories and although we added it in for the trendy bear our favourite in the set has to be that handsome duck.  Doesn’t it remind you of a fancy old style umbrella or walking cane handle shaped like a duck?  Gorgeous if you can find the right piece of furniture for it.  

Starry starry Night

star shaped drawer knobs crackle
chunky silver star drawer knobs
multi point gold star handles

Star shaped knobs can suit a lot of spaces and pieces of furniture.

They are definitely more playful than some other choices.   For that reason they can suit a nursery or kids room, but then also be reused in future elsewhere in the house like your craft room for example. 

The crackle stars are from Abbey Works and when we checked supplies were limited.  

The chunky silver ones we think would look especially cute in a nursery without being too overly cutesy.

The gold multi-point stars from Bodacious Bronzes  are the more grown up version of this look.

Can we give you a hand finding the perfect knob?

hands drawer pull

The silver set of hands above are actually called Buddha’s Hands and they were too beautiful not to include on our list.  

If you or your client have a taste for fine art these handles would add an exquisite finishing touch to an upcycled wardrobe or cupboard.

The second photo is a simpler version of a hand handle (!) and it will look familiar to you if you’ve ever visited a South American church or old fashioned town.  You often see larger versions of these simple hand shaped handles or door knockers on large dark wood doors.

Take a Leaf

monstrea leaf drawer knob
over the top leaf handles
pewter oak leaf drawer pull

Is there anything more of the moment but at the same time classic as a Monstrea leaf design?  This first handle fits the current trend but should stand the test of time with its brass effect aged look.

The second photo is from Hooked Pull Me Knob.  You actually only see the front of these pulls once installed, as they are designed to go over the top or side of your drawer or cabinet door.  Ideal for kitchen cabinets and sideboards.

The Pewter Oak Leaf drawer pull above is made in the UK by Glover and Smith.  We love the beautiful sheen and the shape looks perfect for pulling open your drawer to get at all your bits and bobs.

Black and White Drawer Pulls

black and white inlay drawer knob
black and white checkerboard handles

Our first pick for a bit of black and white impact is this cross design wood and bone inlay knob.  It’s got a wooden base and would look great against a lot of paint or wooden finishes.  It’s another one of those choices that has a modern yet classic look.

If you are looking for something a bit more whimsical, perhaps for a subtle Alice in Wonderland themed room, we like these simple but stand out checkerboard handles by Design in Focus.

Pop of Colour

one colour drawer handles and knobs
colourful drawer knobs

Sometimes you aren’t looking for a fancy shape or pattern just an eye popping saturation of colour.  The two above are our choices for all over colour without going crazy on the details or shape.

These two are of course definetly doable as a DIY project using inexpensive plain handles and knobs and paint of your choice.  Try going wild with sample pots to do this on a budget.

fractal colour wood drawer knobs

These fractal coloured wooden knobs from Brook and Birch Co give that hint of colour with some rustic wooden charm thrown in.  Put them on a white piece to make them pop or match them with a piece in a similar wood to tone down their impact.

Resin & Wood

resin and wood drawer pull
wood and resign drawer knobs

You can do amazing things with resin if you know how to use it.  We chose two versions of wood and resin knobs to feature here.  

The first has a gorgeous shape and would add a pop of detail to a white chest of drawers (in our opinion).  

The second is a bit of dare to be different fun and would look best to add a pop of colour to a piece that you intend to showcase in its original wood finish.

All that Glitters

iridescent glass drawer knobs
mother of pearl knobs

In the right room and on the right piece of furniture a bit of sparkle and shine can draw the light and brighten the mood.  We found a few options for this look.  

You can find inexpensive clear glass crystal imitation knobs a lot of places.  

We thought these two picks were a bit different but might appeal to a similar aesthetic.  

The first is from Hoopla Hardware who do a lot of square glass knobs like these in different tones and colours that give that bit of sparkle.

The second mother of pearl knob pictured above is from Abodent and gives a more subtle sparkly sheen.  

diy metallic drawer pull

We went for something not so subtle to make a DIY version of a metallic glittery drawer pull made from Prosecco Corks and old nail varnish.  You can find the tutorial here.

Rustic Relics

rustic faucet handles for cabinet
cast iron file holder drawer pull

Aren’t these old faucet style knobs from Tree Farm Knobs cute?  They’d probably look best in a bathroom or a workshop but maybe you can think of somewhere else they would add that touch of something old? 

The second photo is one from Cast Iron Hooks of a Card File Cabinet style drawer pull. We could see this looking great on an older piece or a more modern one – for the contrast.

Concretely Stunning

concrete cube drawer pulls
geometric concrete drawer knobs

The two gorgeous examples above are both from Love Me Knot.  They are made of concrete and patterned in on trend geometric shapes.

The photo below is a DIY version from A Kailo Chic Life who have a great tutorial about how to make them with silicone ice cube trays.  You could attempt a cube shaped version (or any other shape) with other silicone ice cube tray moulds.

DIY concrete drawer pulls

That Holiday Feeling

country kitchen bird drawer knob
ceramic drawer knobs

These two choices put us in mind of the sort of knobs you see for sale on holiday in countries like Italy and Mexico.  You can get patterned knobs like these a lot of places these days but they often have the screw top visible in the centre which isn’t our favourite look.  

Both of these choices are from Trinca Ferro.

Break the Bank Chic

gold half moon cabinet handles
malachite cabinet knob

If only money was no object!  These two would be great options for a super high end furniture transformation and a client with expensive tastes.  

If you are shopping for yourself these might just be a bit of eye candy inspiration.  

The gold half moon handles are from Pushka Home and cost £102 for a pair.  

The green Malachite Knobs from Stephen D Evans comes in at just under £100 each – but they are lovely aren’t they?

Have you found some amazing knobs or handles we haven’t featured?  

We’d love to see them in situ on your upcycled dresser, cabinet, side table or wardrobe.  

Comment below or find us on Facebook at

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drawer handles and knobs for DIY furniture makeovers

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