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Creative Craft Storage Ideas For All Your Crafting Supplies

These creative craft storage ideas will help organize all your art supplies, make them easy to find and use, and make your craft space look inviting!

Whether you’re a quilter, painter, multi-media artist, scrapbooker, jewelry maker, ceramics artist, or perhaps like me, you love to dabble in a bit of everything and have a vast array of crafts!

You’ll be able to adapt all of these storage ideas to suit you.

You all know that I love to upcycle as much as I can, so many of these storage ideas will upcycle everyday things you probably already have – jars, boxes, baskets, and plastic containers.

I also like things to look pretty, so you can expect all of these storage solutions to be nice on the eye as well as efficient for your space.

Most of us love to craft because it helps up to relax and feel calm. Walking into a disorganized and messy space can leave us feeling uncreative and uninspired.

Use these storage hacks to get on top of your craft space and make it accessible and easy to use.

Before You Start!

Before deciding which storage ideas you want to use, think about the space you usually craft in.

Do you have a dedicated craft room? If so, you’ll have plenty of storage options and probably quite a bit of space.

You’ll need to get more creative if you tend to craft in your bedroom or a small area of your living room or dining room.

You could use storage bins to slide under your bed or turn a wardrobe into a hidden craft area in your bedroom.

Consider using cupboards or bookshelves to store all your crafty bits in a lounge or dining room.

Large Storage

These are all large storage ideas, so they are mostly great for craft rooms. Think repurposing old furniture, lots of shelf space and cabinets.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have a large piece of furniture such as an armoire, cupboard old dining room hutch or side board, this can easily be repurposed as a really unique piece of craft storage.

The antique armoire in the picture above looks so pretty from the outside, and it’s really handy being able to close the doors at the end of the day and keep all the craft supplies out of sight, especially if you don’t have a designated craft room.

Use the vertical space of the closet or any piece of furniture you’re repurposing to add shelves, rails and hanging space to maximize on storage.

Build a Craft Table from Shelving

Many desks come with a bit of storage but don’t usually make use of every single nook and cranny.

Consider making your own desk using shelves or units to give you storage on every single side of the desk.

There are quite a few tutorials online. The photo above is from a tutorial that uses three IKEA Kallax units and a table top.

This is a super practical use of space, and will allow your to store a huge amount of supplies in one small area.

Drop Down Desk

Drop Down Desk

Ok, so this is not necessarily storage, but if you need extra surface area for your craft room, or don’t have much space for a work table, use a drop-down desk.

This is a simple solution if you’re short on floor space too.

Drop-down desks usually attach to the wall or come built into a shelf, and they can be opened up to create space when you need it and easily popped away when you’re finished.

Mid-Sized Storage

If you have bulky craft things to store, such as fabrics, paper, paints, etc., consider using some of these clever storage solutions.

Baskets and Plastic Tubs

Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

Baskets and tubs are fantastic and cheap solutions to store your craft supplies – I couldn’t cope without them in my own craft/sewing room, which I’m constantly updating and reorganizing.

Metal and wicker baskets are great for organizing fabrics, craft tools, paints, and wool.

Clear containers are great for organizing any bits you don’t mind being on view, and they slot pretty nicely on top of shelves or underneath large pieces of furniture.

If you don’t want the contents of your plastic bins on view, you can always line them with wrapping paper.

We crafters should accept that our craft collections will always grow (much to the disappointment of our other halves!) and continually need re-sorting!

Craft room makeovers don’t need to be expensive though, read how I did my no-cost makeover here.

Pegboard Storage

Pegboards are a fantastic way to store lots of craft items without taking up any surface area.

If you have an empty wall, or door, you can attach a pegboard and store plenty of your craft supplies.

These boards are highly versatile; you can add hooks, shelves, containers, and more! I love that everything is visible and can be found and used really easily.

Everything has its own dedicated space, too, so keeping organized is easy.

A wireframe is another similar idea to a pegboard and is great for storing small craft supplies.

Rolling Storage Cart

Ikea Rolling Storage
Photo: IKEA

Rolling storage carts are fantastic for small spaces or when you tend to craft in different areas in your home.

You can store a surprising amount of resources in these trolleys and always have them to hand.

The IKEA Raskog cart is a popular choice for a rolling craft cart (pictured above!)

Hanging Storage

Photo: Fall For DIY

Again, this is another great hack for those of you who don’t have heaps of space to store your crafts – use wall storage! You can get creative with wall-hanging ideas, but one of my favorites is using wardrobe organizers.

This is one of my favorite craft room storage ideas, and I might have to use it in my own sewing room!

You can fit so many different things into these storage holders and keep it nicely organized by dedicating each pocket to something different.

Solid fabric versions are also available if you’re not keen on having everything on view.

Small Storage

All these storage solutions are a great way to store smaller craft supplies in small spaces. Think pencils, paintbrushes, buttons, little craft accessories etc.

Ribbon Dispenser

head on look at blue ribbon organizer with sponge brushes
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

If you have lots of ribbons or anything on a spool (threads, twine, yarn, washi tape, etc), then this is a great little craft storage idea.

It’s made using a photo frame, wooden dowels, and command hooks. I used quite a small photo frame for my ribbon organizer, but if you have more ribbons to store, you could make this in any size and even hang it on a wall or inside a cupboard door.

A paper towel holder is another excellent way to store ribbons too.

Tin Cans

Tin cans are something we always have an abundance of in the recycling bin. They can be used for all sorts of bits and bobs and are great for upcycling.

They’re perfect for storing pens, pencils, felt tips, brushes, odd bits of stationary like scissors, glue, staplers and buttons.

Label them up like Sustain My Craft Habit has done here to make your space extra organized. Personally, I love chalkboard labels as I’m constantly reorganizing so I can relabel them if necessary.

Paper/Card Storage

Cereal Box Storage
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

This is a really easy and cheap way to store things like paper, cards, scrapbooking paper, tissue paper, patterns or whatever you like. I have a tutorial about how to make these magazine holders from cereal boxes.

All you need is an empty cereal box, some craft or wallpaper, and glue or tape, and you can make these pretty storage boxes for anything you want to stand upright.

I also made these cardboard shelves to store my son’s books, but they could quite as easily be made to store any of your craft tools or accessories.

Choose a cardboard box that is the perfect size for whatever you need to store, and cover it in paper or paint it to match your craft room decor. You could store these inside a cupboard, on a shelf or even on the floor.

If you want these boxes to be long-lasting, you could cover plastic boxes in fabric instead.

Jars, Bowls and Dishes

Jars Craft Storage
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

I love using clear jars to store my craft supplies in. It’s easy to see what’s inside them, they stack neatly, and there are loads of different ways to store them.

One of my favorite ways is to screw the lids underneath a shelf and screw the jars into the lids. That way, you can just unscrew them as you need them, and they don’t take up any surface space.

Jars can be used to store paint brushes, smaller items, small bits from the dollar store, paper clips, and rubber bands, they also make a great pencil holder.

Similarly to jars, bowls and dishes always come in really handy to store any loose bits in too.

Photo: Crafters Con

I love this button bowl from Crafters Con which you can make to store things in – are you really a crafter if your storage solutions aren’t crafted too?!

I also made these trinket bowels from takeaway containers.

DIY Drawer Dividers

There is plenty of hidden away space in drawers, and they can quite quickly become very disorganized – everyone has one of those drawers in their house, right?!

You can buy drawer dividers or make your own to store individual bits in and keep your supplies nice and organized.

Craftsy Hacks has a great tutorial that shows you how to make cardboard dividers to fit perfectly into your drawers.

Top Tips for Craft Storage Ideas

  • Get creative with what you already have to keep costs down. You’ll be surprised how cheaply you can organize your craft space, making use of things you already have.
  • Start small! If you have loads of supplies, start with a small section of your crafts. Organize your desk area or fabric stash. Often getting going is the hardest bit!
  • Label jars, boxes, and containers so you remember where everything is. If you use chalkboard labels, you’ll be able to change the labels when you inevitably move things around.

I hope some of these clever craft room organization ideas will help you design an organized craft space that gets your creative juices flowing!

Other Ideas for Your Sewing/Crafts Room

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