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The Ultimate Guide to Upcycled Gifts on Etsy

Upcycled gifts are the best and they can be great talking points with recipients.

There are lots of tutorials on this site for how to make your own upcycled gifts.  But sometimes you just don’t have time to make all the gifts on your list yourself – whether they are Christmas gifts that come all at once or birthday gifts (they can feel like they come all at once!).  

So we’ve compiled a bumper list of some of the best upcycled gifts available to buy online on Etsy from some super cool small businesses.  

P.S. This post was first published in 2019 but it’s been fully updated.  

Why Etsy?

The reason we are focusing on upcycled gifts you can buy on Etsy instead of another marketplace is because we have found they have the widest selection of upcycled and handmade gifts online so you can buy unique upcycled gifts from the comfort of your sofa!  

Another reason we love Etsy is because it is such a low cost entry to online selling for small businesses and they spend a lot of energy driving traffic to their site – so its a win win for upcycling businesses and eco-conscious shoppers.

Navigating our Etsy Gift Guide

We’ve broken this guide down into sections to make it easier  for you to navigate and find what you are looking for.  

1. Upcycled Jewellery Gifts

2. Upcycled Gifts for Him

3. Upcycled Gifts for Her

4. Funky Upcycled Bags & Clutches

5. Upcycled Clothing Gifts

6. Painted Furniture Gifts

7. Upcycled Gifts for the Kitchen

8. Upcycled Gifts for Pet Lovers

9. Upcycled Gifts for Kids

In all of the sections in this Upcycled Etsy Gift Guide you can click on a photo or caption to go directly to the related Etsy Shop or Product Listing.

NOTE:  Most of the products linked to will be one of a kind or ‘few of a kind’ products.  If we have linked to an individual product rather than an Etsy shop and you find the product has sold already, just click on the shop name above the product title to see if they have similar items for sale.

Upcycled Jewellery Gifts

Jewellery will always be a classic gift to give for any occasion, from Christmas to anniversaries and birthdays.  

Why not give upcycled jewellery a try?  

It has added history and uniqueness that you can’t get from high street jewellers.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Dana Vinyl Record Jewellery
upcycled gifts on etsy
Stackable Upcycled Spoon Rings by Jill Allen Designs

We found lots of great upcycled jewellery finds on Etsy.  

This is probably the easiest type of upcycled gift to give – light, cheap to post and something you can be sure they will treasure for years to come.  

When special jewellery is made from upcycled materials it can become a great conversation starter for the wearer.

So this is a great gift to give someone who loves to chat to whoever they meet about upcycling, recycling and reusing the planets resources!

upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Jigsaw Earrings by Pieces by Felicity
upcycled gifts on etsy
Beer Tin Earrings by Light Feather Handmade
upcycled gifts on etsy
Coffee Pod Creations

I’ve been a fan of Coffee Pod Creations for a while now and they’ve been featured elsewhere on the blog previously

I just love the creativity of this fab little upcycling business!

jewellery gifts on Etsy - vintage map earrings
Origami Gems Designs

Upcycled Gifts for Him

The Hipster trend has meant that upcycled gifts for men have become more popular than ever.  

These gift ideas add that quirky vintage flair that any new age dapper gentlemen will appreicate.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Velo Culture – Inner Tube Wallet
upcycled gifts on etsy
Hillside Studio Store – Upcycled Bike Coat Rack
upcycled gifts on etsy
New Fangled Things – Vinyl Record Bowl
upcycled gifts on etsy
Vintage Camera turned Clock by Analogue Wonders
upcycled gifts on etsy
Bottle Lamp by Designer at Large
upcycled gifts on etsy
Union Jack Retro Lamp made from a Vintage Telephone by Ladybird Lane Decor

We love Ladybird Lane Decor’s tagline:  “When only quirkly will do!”  This one is definetly quirky and fabulous! They have lots of other designs to choose from too!

Upcycled Gifts for Her

There are a lot of gifts on this list in many of the categories to give to the women in your life.  This section is dedicated to some lovely girly gifts to make her feel like you really made an effort to find something special just for her.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Salvaged and Sewn Ladies Handkerchiefs from Vintage Fabrics
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Tea Cup Lamp by The Kindred Bizzar
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Sari Scrunchie by InGreen Shop
etsy gift guide upcycled climbing rope mat
Upcycled Retired Climbing Rope Mat by The Rope Mat Maker

Funky Upcycled Bags & Clutches

A brilliantly funky and chic bag can make a great gift, especially when it’s an upcycled bag made from reused, repurposed or recycled materials.  A practical gift and something to talk about!

upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Bouncy Castle Bag by Wyatt & Jack
upcycled gifts on etsy
Backpack made from an Upcycled Jacket by L Fantasy

The secret to buying the right upcycled bag for someone is to have a strong sense of their style, and a clear idea of what situation the bag would be useful.  

Do they cart books to and from university or are they more of a minimalist who only needs a bag big enough for some keys and lippy?  

Do they want to wear their upcycling credentials out there and obvious?  

Or would they prefer a bit more of a subtle upcycled look?

upcycled gifts on etsy
Morelands Upcycling
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Denim Bag by Colourissimo

Painted Furniture Gifts

Has your partner been searching for that perfect statement piece to finish of the lounge?

Or do they bemoan the amount of orange pine in your home on a daily basis?  

The furniture painters in this guide not only sell ready made statement pieces on Etsy they also work to commission.  So if you see something you like but it’s not 100% right or you want the same thing done to an existing piece of furniture you already own, you can get in touch with them to see what they can do.  

etsy gift guide made by murphy drinks cabinet
Art Deco Drinks Cabinet by Made by Murphy

Made by Murphy is a Glasgow based Furniture Painting business.  You can find her in our business directory.

The Upcycle My Stuff ‘Promise to Upcycle’ Gift Certificate

If you are giving a furniture makeover as a gift and you can’t quite work out the logistics of spiriting off a massive sideboard to be painted without them noticing you can download our Printable  ‘Promise to Upcycle’ Gift Certificate for FREE.  

Promise to Upcycle Gift Certificate

Just contact your chosen furniture painter, get a quote and book them in.  Then fill in your certificate to give as your ‘physical’ gift that still lets your recipient have a say on how the final piece turns out!  

Your recipient can have all the conversations with the furniture painter you’ve chosen about colours, finishes and techniques – all you are promising to do is pay the bill! 

cat chest on etsy
Upcycled Cat Chest by Coco & Clementine

Coco & Clementine is a Northwich based Furniture Painting Business.  You can find contact details in our directory here.

Upcycled Gifts for the Kitchen

Pretty much everyone has a kitchen.  So if you just aren’t sure what the right gift is, something for the kitchen can be a great option.  

These upcycled finds should give you some food for thought when it comes to picking the perfect gift!

upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Cotton Kitchen Dish Cloths by EcoSage UK
upcycled gifts on etsy
Table Centrepiece by Black Isle Boutique

The table centrepieces above are made by Black Isle Boutique.  Great for a quirky farmhouse kitchen or just a horse lover!

All materials used were salvaged from the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland.  

upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Piano Hammer Fridge Magnets by Encore Old Piano
upcycled gifts on etsy
Frog Prince Storage Jars by Yo Jo Jo Handmade

Upcycled Clothing Gifts

We don’t recommend buying clothing as a gift for everyone on your list.  

Clothing is very personal, but if you are sure you know your Bestie’s style (and size!) then a piece of upcycled clothing can be an amazing gift.  

If you choose right it could become a ‘go to piece’ in their wardrobe that they will reach for time and time again.  

upcycled gifts on etsy
T Shirt made from Upcycled Cotton by Top Up Clothing
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Pre-owned Cardigan by Baby Got Back Boutique

Baby Got Back Boutique is a cute little shop on Etsy selling a whole range of one off upcycled sweaters and cardigans for kid’s as well as babies. 

Each one has a cute little animal like this guy on it!  And don’t you just love their shop name?

upcycled gifts on etsy
Handpainted Upcycled Leather Jacket by FABDesigns by Faith
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Kimono Jacket from Scarves by Why Wolf Why?

Upcycled Gifts for Pet Lovers

Let’s face it Pet Lovers sometimes get a bad deal when it comes to gifts.  

They often get given any old thing bought last minute with a cat or a dog on it whether it’s their style or not!  

We prefer buying Pet Lovers something both quirky and useful for their pets themselves.  Because if you make the pet happy, you make the owner happy!  

We think these upcycled finds fit that bill.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Dog Cardigan made from Repurposed Wool by Canine Cardigans
upcycled gifts on etsy
Recycled Skateboard Personalised Pet Tag by Shed of Shred
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Poop Bag Dispenser/Doggie Treat Bag by Absurd Design

These cute Doggie Treat bags are made in the UK from upcycled sails!  Such a lovely gift for a dog owner.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Denim Dog Toys by Pom Pom Handmade
upcycled gifts on etsy
Vintage Kitty Catnip Toy made from Upcycled Wool by Ellie Bug Makes

Upcycled Gifts for Kids

What better way to teach a child about reuse, reporpusing and upcycling than to give them an upcycled gift and talk about it with them?

We’ve found a range of ideas from Etsy for any age group or gender.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Kid’s Backpack from Upcycled Materials by Kith and Kin Coop
upcycled gifts on etsy
Woolen Plush Toy Astronauts made from 100% recycled wool by Wool Moons

Wool Moons have a huge range of cute one of a kind soft toys made from upcycled sweaters.  They have everything from sloths and Koalas to these adorable astronaut plush toys.

upcycled gifts on etsy
Reclaimed Wood Comfort Rabbit by Ole Hippie’s Wood Gifts
upcycled gifts on etsy
Child’s Bedroom Lamp made from a tin can by Thunderbolt and Light Tins
upcycled gifts on etsy
Pencil Holders made from Recycled Newspapers by Amber and Rose
upcycled gifts on etsy
Upcycled Kid’s Mittens by Moose Mountain Mittens

We hope you’ve been introduced to some fabulous Upcycling businesses by our Etsy gift guide!  

Didn’t find the right thing?  There are more fab personalised Christmas gifts on Etsy in this gift guide.

If you prefer to make your own upcycled gifts check out out our article 10 DIY Personalised Gifts You Can Make From Your Upcycled Stuff!

Looking for even more great upcycled gift ideas?

We have a whole section of the blog dedicated to upcycled gifts here.

If you liked it, Pin it to your Etsy Finds or Upcycled Gifts board!

upcycled gift ideas on etsy

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