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Top 10 Upcycling Tutorials of 2020: Reader’s Favourites!

The best thing about running an upcycling blog is getting comments and feedback from those of you who take these upcycling tutorials and make your own fabulous creations from them – often with a twist!

It’s also always interesting to see what kind of projects capture your imagination!

In this list I’ve compiled the Top 10 Upcycling Tutorials on Upcycle My Stuff based on what you – our readers – have been visiting most often this year.

In 2020 we published a whopping 59 posts on Upcycle My Stuff. This top 10 list includes some of your new favourites, but it also includes some older posts from previous years that you have been coming back to again and again.

While I am reviewing the year I want to give a great big thank you to everyone who has visited the blog, followed us on social or taken one of our small business courses. It is the community that has grown up around this blog that inspires me to keep going!

I hope you enjoy this list and I hope you find a project to inspire you to upcycle your way in to 2021!

Top 10 Upcycling Tutorials of 2020

Our reader's most read Upcycling Tutorials of 2020!

What was your favourite upcycling tutorial of 2020?

Did you see your favourite project from this year on the list?

If not let me know what it was in the comments, I'd love to hear what you have been upcycling and making in 2020.

One of my favourite tutorials that didn't make our reader's Top 10 was my Denim Quilt made from 10 pairs of old jeans - my lockdown opus!

In fact sewing projects were what really got my attention this year as I not only took up quilting in 2020, but lots of other scrap fabric projects too.

So much so that I started another small blog to document some of them - it's called Scrap Fabric Love.

If you are into sewing and using up every last bit of fabric, like I am, then you might enjoy checking it out!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.