How to Upcycle Straws – Trendy Planter

This How to Guide was provided to Upcycle My Stuff by Penelope Quinn of Crafty Girl Life Hacks.

These geometric plant hangers are inspired by the Scandinavian Himmeli designs that have been a hot homewares trend for the last season. 

They are super simple to make, only need a few materials and can be made in a few hours! The challenge is putting them together – while there is no right or wrong way to do this, you may find that you need to thread your wire through a few times to make it secure. There are limitless designs you can do, so get creative with different sized straws and patterns.

TIP: Make mini hangers for your air plants or as decorations for the Christmas tree.

Video run through

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Cut your straws

First, cut your straws. You will need:

5 x full length straws (these will be apex)

5 x 10cm straws (these are for the large pentagon)

5 x 8cm straws (these are for the supporting straws)

5 x 5 cm straws. (these are for the small pentagon)

Step 2: Make the base

Make the base

Make the base of your plant hanger by taking the 5 x 5 cm straws and threading them together with the wire to make the small pentagon. Bend the wire if you need to so it makes the desired shape. Tie off the wire where you started and cut off the excess with wire cutters.

TIP: You want to make sure the small pentagon base is slightly smaller than the base of your pot plant. You may need to adjust the measurement of the straws so you can make sure it fits in snug.

Step 3: Build the large pentagon

Now build the large pentagon that will sit on top of the smaller one with the 10cm straws. Once you’re done, thread wire through an 8cm supporting straw, back through a 5cm straw in the small pentagon, back up through another 8cm supporting straw, and back through a 10cm straw in the large pentagon.

TIP: To make it more manageable I used 30cm strips of wire at a time.

Continue until you have built the base of your hanger. You will find that you need to thread the wire through the same straw at few times to make it secure.

Step 4: Build the apex

Now it’s time to build the apex. Thread the wire through a full length straw, then through a large pentagon 10cm straw, then thread another full length straw so it forms a triangle. Twist the wire at the top of the two full length straws. Repeat on all sides.

Step 5: Thread the wire

Threading the wire

Take more wire, and thread through all the pieces that aren’t joined directly together. Do this as many times as you need to until it feels secure, wrapping and tying off the wire at the joins as you go. This will fortify your geometric shape, especially if you plan to hang it. Cut off the excess wire.

Step 6: Spray Paint

Last step is the spray paint

Give 3 coats of spray paint in your desired colour. Start light and dry between each coat.

Step 7: Insert plant!

Pop in your pot plant, and you’re done!

This guide was provided to Upcycle My Stuff for republication by Penelope Quinn from Crafty Girl Life Hacks.

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