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16 DIY Christmas Gifts That They Won’t Know are Homemade!

To my mind there is nothing better than a homemade Christmas Gift during the holiday season. They are so much fun to make and a great way to put extra time and thought into your gift giving.

But I know there is a slight stigma for many people about homemade holiday gifts.

Some people think the gift receiver will judge the quality or will think the giver is cheap for not buying store-bought gifts.

Frankly, if your friends or family members are judging your gifts like that, should you really be rating their opinions?

My own judgements aside though, I totally get that when you are making a homemade Christmas Gift you want to give a special gift that looks amazing.

You want it to show how much you care of course, but is there a small part of you that also wants to prove a little point about how awesome a homemade DIY Christmas Gift can actually be?

If you want to take on the challenge of giving a homemade upcycled gift that doesn’t actually look homemade then check out this bumper list of homemade Christmas gift ideas! These diy gifts are for any skill level and are the perfect way to bring some holiday cheer. So get a jump start on your to-do list with these homemade Christmas gifts.!

I’d love to hear your suggestions too!

DIY Christmas Gifts They won’t know are Homemade!

A bumper list of of upcycled gifts and fabulous homemade gift ideas that your friends and family will be happy to receive!Create Pinterest Pin


Geometric Leather Coasters

I love these geometric leather coasters from Sum of Their Stories.

This is a great diy gift made out of the leather from an old sofa!Continue Reading Pinterest Pin


DIY Yarn Bowl – a Perfect Gift for Knitters

This is a nifty repurposing of an existing wooden bowl.

It’s a niche gift for sure, but it’s the perfect idea for the knitter or crochet enthusiast in your life!Continue Reading Pinterest Pin


How to Make a Clutch Purse | No-SEW or SEW DIY Clutch Purse + VIDEO

This cute clutch purse made from an upcycled placemat is from Hello Sewing.

She has two options for how to make it – either sew or no-sew!Continue Reading Pinterest Pin

DIY Necklace Pendant made from Upcycled Fabric Samples

This is one of my tutorials. It’s an easy jewelry making project and it is the perfect gift idea if you have fabric samples that usually go unused.

Make a pendant using a different combination of colours for all the lovely ladies on your list.

A thoughtful handmade gift idea that you can make personal with the recipient’s favorite colors.Continue Reading Pinterest Pin


DIY Boho Fashion | Custom Lace and Leather Choppers

This is a great gift idea that is a fun refashioning upcycle of some old mittens using leather, lace and other trimmings.

Give them some one of a kind mitts to keep them warm during this festive season!Continue Reading Pinterest Pin


Kid’s Art Portfolio with fabric Scraps

I made this as a birthday gift for my nephew out of fabric samples and Thomas the Tank Engine themed fabric off cuts that I bought from someone who had them leftover from their own sewing project. This is one of the best ways to use leftover fabric to make handmade gifts.

I’m told he uses it most days!Continue Reading Pinterest Pin


How to Make DIY Lace Earrings (in Three Easy Steps!)

This is one of my favorite things and is a handmade gift they definitely won’t know is handmade unless you tell them. A lovely pair of lace earrings using upcycled lace.

These can be made so personal as well if you use lace that has a family history. A super sweet gift idea.Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin


DIY Headband from an Old T-Shirt

This is an easy project from Craftsy Hacks is great for giving them something practical and pretty at the same time.

These headbands are made from upcycled t-shirts.Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin


Easy Scrap Fabric Flowers

These cute scrap fabric flowers can be turned into brooches or keychains or even added on to a headband or bag.

You see things like this that can be store bought all over the place so unless you tell them they won’t immediately know you made it!Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin

How to make Personalized Name Crayons

These name crayons were my go to gift for kids last year.

I used up all my kid’s broken crayon bits and was able to give loads of personalized and colourful presents! They make a great stocking stuffer as well.Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin


How to Make a Flax Seed Heating Bag out of the Leftovers from Cutoff Jeans

Heating pads and bags make a wonderful gift for anyone in your life who is subject to aches and pains. And what better way to make that gift more personal than making it yourself out of old jeans!

If you want to make more quick gifts out of old jeans, check out our massive list of denim upycycling ideas here!Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin

How to Make A Bag from a Denim Skirt

This fun project will get you upcycling and reusing your old clothing – namely a denim skirt – to make a large and roomy bag. Who doesn’t want another bag for Christmas?Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin


DIY Tote Bag from a Mini Skirt

Scratch and Stitch had a cute idea similar to the one above with their tote bag from a mini skirt. Her version is wool, bright purple and arguably more of an everyday size! Take your pick and get making!

If you want to make a Tote Bag but you don’t have a skirt to upcycle try our bumper list of upcycled Tote Bag diy Ideas. You’ll be sure to find something to make there!Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin

DIY Kid’s Apron from a Man’s Shirt

This kid’s apron was made as a gift to my son and he uses it frequently to offer me ‘dinner’ from his play kitchen. Usually a fun imaginary concoction of tomato and banana!

This is one of the many projects I made out of two of my husband’s old shirts (see below for more).Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin

How to Make a Bedside Pocket Organizer from Old Jeans

Another ideal gift to make for kids is this bedside pocket organizer. I made these after making my denim quilt because I had so many leftover pockets!

You can use it to store a little toy, book, spill proof water cup or even a tooth for the tooth fairy!Continue Reading Pinterest Pin

18 Upcycled Men’s Shirt Ideas

There are quite a few gift ideas in my post from earlier this year about the many projects I was able to make using two of my husband’s old shirts.

Some of the projects included: a kid’s teddy bear, zipper pouches, book marks, key chains, jewelry, a boho wall hanging and a kid’s apron (see above).

Check out the full post for lots of gift giving inspiration and creative ideas. Continue ReadingCreate Pinterest Pin

14 Ways to Upcycle Fabric Scraps as Gifts for Kids

Lastly I want to point you to this popular post of ours which is all about gifts you can make for kids out of scrap fabric.

If you haven’t found your perfect gift in the suggestions above and you know how to sew – check this list out and you’ll be sure to find something!Continue Reading

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I hope you’ve found some gift giving inspiration from this list and I’d love to know what gifts you actually end up making.

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diy christmas gift ideas

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December 1, 2020 at 06:25 PM

So many lovely ideas. Thanks for including my geometric coasters, it’s an honour to be with so many other great gift ideas. Reply

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diy christmas gift ideas

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Tuesday 1st of December 2020

So many lovely ideas. Thanks for including my geometric coasters, it's an honour to be with so many other great gift ideas.

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